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about me.

♠ I’m Jenn, in my mid/late twenties (seriously, when did that happen? I keep waiting to turn around and be sixteen again) and from Europe where the history comes from. Specifically, I’m from Scotland which means along with being vertically challenged, I cower from the big yellow ball of fire which appears in the sky every so often.
I have a great accent though.

♠ I’m a huge History buff and after five years at University, am a qualified archaeologist nerd. This means that I regularly judge Time Team, get very excited over sherds of pottery and every so often bemoan the lack of ‘Proper’ jobs available to people with Indiana Jones degrees.

♠ I’ve been RPing since 2004 and I play a wide variety of characters though a lot of my previous experience comes from the Harry Potter fandom. Of late I’ve been branching out and trying PB games and supernatraul themes. I’ve several years experience as both male and females in Trio-Era games and have also enjoyed Marauders-Era. Future!Gen isn’t something I’ve ever tried and I don’t think it is something for me specifically as I still feel theres so much left to explore in Trio-Era. Other fandoms in which I’ve considered dabbling include Mythology, Austen/Historical lines so feel free to pimp to me!

♠ I really, really like tea. Add in a cuppa and a hobnob, and its my idea of heaven.

♠ There’s not much I won’t do or consider when it comes to RPing but I love long slow burning character arcs and seeing how even the simplest of events effect a characters actions and decisions. Got an idea? Throw it at me and we can usually hash something out.

♠ I like to think I’m a pretty easy-going person and relaxed (though just be glad you can’t see me talk - I talk a mile a minute and gesture wildly with my hands), but at the end of the day RP is a hobby and it shouldn’t make you unhappy so please, please no negativity. We’re all adults :)

♠ My CDJ is a mish-mash of daily life, tv musings, ramblings, character/rp thoughts and of late, a worrying amount of ’The Little Mermaid’ gifs. Of which I know all the words. Actually, I know a lot of Disney songs. And ‘Winnie The Pooh’ quotes are things to live your life by.

♠ I ramble. Most of the time I shut up and put the kettle on. Welcome to my CDJ.