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Name:Ink Smudged

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I love friends. When you friend me - I will squee. Chances are there will be a happy little dance involved.
Then I will friend you back (provided you are over 18). If you would like to (and because I'm nosy) PM, E-mail or send a comment saying why you added me.
However, by friending my journal, you acknowledge that you are aware that NC-17/adult content might be posted here. If you are a minor in your country of residence or if it is illegal for you to view such material in your area, please refrain from clicking on any links to adult content.
About The Girl
I'm in my mid-twenties with a bent for History. This is handy considering I live in Europe - where the history comes from. I spend too much time reading, eating chocolate and playing Pretendy Fun Time Games in the Harry Potter world. I'm a geek and am very happy with this. My special talents include Ceilidh dancing, rambling, knowing the proper way of greeting the Queen and making a mean pot of tea.
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